The Stadthallengarten, located in the district of Vorderer Westen, is a popular park for young and old alike. Particularly striking are the spring and summer the extensive and richly blossoming jewelery plantations, which each year again and again with other color combinations surprise. Only a few visitors know, however, that the park is also a more than 100 years old garden monument.

The interesting and changing history of the Stadthallengarten was recently documented with the support of Kassel garden historian Mrs. Brechmacher. On this basis measures for the rehabilitation and long-term preservation of the plant have now been developed. In addition to targeted woodcutting and clearing work in the shrub stock, which has gradually been cut down, new plantings with 1,000 selected perennials are included. Thanks to different flower colors and flowering periods as well as different foliage textures and growth heights, the plants offer a varied picture for a large part of the year. With the Caucasus forget-me-not, the blooming tree begins in April and ends with the American Wildaster and the Fat Hen in October. Highly growing solitaire collections, such as precious stones and eulaliagras, set a special emphasis. According to the character of the protected town hall garden, no new breeds are used, but long-established, well-known perennials, which can also be found in plants of the 50s. The goal of supplementing the plant diversity of the Stadthallengarten by supplementing it with the so far less marked form and color range of the perennials has been or will be realized gradually.