The Grimm world Kassel is an exhibition center on the works, to work and to life of the Brothers Grimm. The exhibition hall offers interactive presentations to German Dictionary to the fairy tales and the life of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm . It is divided into 25 areas, which are named with terms from the German dictionary. In addition, the Grimm world shows temporary exhibitions.

Exhibition House

The building, which is explicitly not designated as a museum, but as an exhibition house, has a total area of ​​around 4,000 square meters spread over five floors. The pure exhibition area covers 1,600 sqm. For the foyer, the shop and the service area 250 square meters are available, for the exhibition pedagogy 65 sqm. The freely accessible roof has an area of ​​2,000 square meters. The Foyer shot and also freely available is located on 175 square meters, the café-restaurant Falada, which, after a figure of the Grimm fairy tale The Goose Girl is named. The Grimmwelt exhibition areas are located in the two basements. Foyer, shop, restaurant and function rooms are on the ground floor and the special exhibition with changing themes on the upper floor. The roof terrace can be reached via a free-standing staircase at the back of the building or with an elevator from the foyer.

The old Brothers Grimm Museum was until 31 October 2014 at the Palais Bellevue in Kassel . In terms of administration, the palace was not defined as a museum building. In order to make the exhibits available at various locations accessible to the public, a fundamental reconstruction and expansion of the palace would have been necessary. This would require the prior determination of the purpose of use as a museum. Various conditions would have been the consequence, for example, or install a second stairwell with lift and access for disabled people and other interventions in the historical structure of single still largely preserved even within the former city palace of the Landgrave / Electoral House of Hesse-Kassel . For these reasons, the city of Kassel decided a new building on the upper vineyard , near the Hessian State Museum and the Museum of Sepulchral Culture .